Make your own barefoot shoes like this one!

Design, wear, repair, recycle, repeat !

Caramel OMS kit

Make your own barefoot sneakers in caramel colors thanks to ready-made kit!

Brown OMS kit

Sneakers made from chocolate leather are waiting. Make them with OMS kit!

Black OMS kit

Do you know what type of shoes Ninja`s wear? Sneakers, in black! Be NINJA !

Download free template!

Take all your colors from your creative drawer and print this template to make your own design of your barefoot shoes! Come to our workshops or buy OMS KIT and make them reality!

Make your own barefoot sneakers


You are the master of your own design. Think it through. Are you ready ? So lets make your first, one and only shoes, right? No way! These are the first self made shoes you will ever make and trust my words, not the last pair ! You will love it. I made all sooo easy, after 10 years of my shoemaking experiences, I give you all in few easy steps!


Foot-shaped shoes for your natural shaped healthy feet! Step into your new footwear with space that gives your feet freedom and comfort.


Afterlife for your shoes! Same steps that brought you to designing and making your own shoes will get you to your new soles. You can choose a different style and color of the soles. New soles new way of life!


Circular economy gives you chance to participate in green steps to our future on our planet Earth. You will not find any waste made from your shoes. After you wear the soles, you will sent them to us. Our technology gives us and planet Earth chance! We will grind your old soles and add them to new compount to make a new ones!


You can teach others! Do you work with leather and other materials? Do you own coworking center, shared spaces or school ? With OMS you can easily expand your business offers and courses to „Make your own barefoot shoes“ course! You can even use your tools and materials. Contact us for special business offer and wholesale prices.

Need more info? Contact Dave!

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