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Black barefoot sneaker OMS kit

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Make these dark sneakers! Will you customize them on the way ? It is up to you! You will find everything you need inside the kit !

Available sizes: 39 and 42
Other sizes on backorder. Order other sizes and support their manufacture!

  Barefoot foot-shaped soles
  Ultra light construction
  Soles are 5mm thin
  All localy sourced materials
  Czech vegetable leather

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Can I make it?

ABSOLUTELY. I mean absolutely! All the holes are there, you just connect them with the big needle and thread. All is in the illustrated tutorial. You will easily find the start for making your stitches marked on the soles and templates as well.

What`s in the box?

Everything you need! You will recieve all you need to make these barefoot sneakers! 

  • Barefoot soles (soles have all the stitiching holes already made)
  • Paper template for your upper
  • Local vegetable leather
  • Needle and thread
  • Puncher to make holes for laces and stitching
  • Cotton laces
  • Paper manual / illustrated tutorial

What to search for at home?

Please yous your hammer or meat mallet from your kitchen, cutting board and sharp knife (exacto knife, cardboard knife).


Size table

Please use this tutorial video so we know that you have measured the same way as we did! And then find your measured lenght in the table bellow.

EU SIZE Length of your feet
43 27,3 – 28 cm
42 26,5 – 27,2 cm
41 25,9 – 26,5 cm
40 25,2 – 25,9 cm
39 24,6 – 25,2 cm
38 24 – 24,6 cm
37 23,2 – 23,9 cm