How our barefoot soles were created ?

We would like to share how we came to design of our soles. Owner of the company Dave Berg has 10 years of experiences as shomeaker and bespoke boot maker. The journey started with first prototypes in the autumn of 2018.



All started! After many years of bespoke (custom made) shoemaking Dave recieved so many inquiries for shoemaking courses. Some of them took place in old house in the forest, where Dave stared his second workshop. The courses were so complex and took 3-4 days in a row. Dave started to work on easy shoe. Shoe with easy, not traditional but functional construction. 

Prototype was working and there has been field tests as well.


  • Light weight shoes
  • Easy to make from local materials
  • Easy construction
  • Ready made paper patterns


  • Too much sewing
  • Extra layer on the heel for support
  • Shoes are very fragile, dirty and scratched on the leather upper cause of the low soles
  • Stitch line in the soles are too low, next to the ground
  • Soles must be made using lamination machine and skiving machine around the edge
  • Not able to mass manufacture - cutting dies too expencive, manufacture very slow



First prototype was not anough, there has been need for cup soles, that would be more practical and would lift the line of stitches from the ground!  We started testing on two different cup soles. Idea was that shoes should be recycle-able or compost-able even with the soles. So we bought some experimental rubber from Italy. After testing the cupsoles, we decided to make our new prototype for our barefoot soles. Our new soles will have the foot shaped shape Dave uses for his barefoot bespoke boots.


  • Shape of the cup-sole would be ideal with stitch line
  • Shape of the heel is ideal for heel support - no need for extra layers in the heel


  • Soles are probably not compost-able, we need to recycle somehow!
  • Price of the cupsole manufacture is very high ! We do not have that money!
  • Stitch line missing
  • Cupsoles are not footshaped, need for our own shape



Discovering that our friend ZKAMA shoes (czech local barefoot manufacturing brand) have their new own cup soles with small heel support. Their barefoot shape is different than ours. 
We started to discover others with similar projects. We met SNEAKERKIT and contacted them right away. Also VIBRAM came out with their COMPONENT shoe. These project inspired us and we started to work more. Until now we thought that we are the only one and our project is probably just an idea and will not work. Now we have informations that also others are making similar projects. And also VIBRAM came out with their KIT so that must be the right way!


  • Good to have a competitors for inspiration and good to know that big companies are doing it as well, wave of good inspiration and right way to go to !
  • No barefoot foot shaped projects yet !


  • No barefoot inspiration, we must do the best job possible !!!
  • ZKAMA shoes
    • small support of the heel
    • bad natural foot shape, we will use our own!
    • still small heel support
    • holes in stitch line are not through!
    • not foot shaped soles
    • very heavy and thick soles



New competition is czech brand HACKOVANE BOTY that has made foot shaped soles with stitch line. 

We have won the competition for financial support (Financial Grand TECH ART MSIC OSTRAVA) we have a chance to make the prototype of our KIT in our colors, shapes and designs! WE HAVE MONEY! But only one size for ladies and one size for man.


    • Design our own soles
    • 3D print of our design
    • Manufacturing our soles
    • Making new templates of the upper fitted and made in profesional software
    • Made our own manual "how to" assamble all together!
  • HACKOVANE BOTY: great holes that are through the stitch line!


    • too low cup sole sides
    • no heel support
    • very shallow sole pattern
    • bad foot shape, too wide! Lets make our own!



Our first prototype is out! We have been able to make 3D PRINTS of our design and then manufacture our SOLES! With proper heel support, clean looks and high cupsole sides.

We asked guys from BRANDSTERS to make us new name OH MY SHOES and also graphic designer MCHLZCH to make our logo !

We have bought our own licence of the upper making and grading software!

We are wearing our OMS soles and shoes from the KIT and they fit great !!! We have made many testing soles with different colors and rubber compounts to test flexibility and function.


We are already working on recycling proces and testing of recycled soles - we are able to grind old soles and add them to the manufacturing of new ones. So we are planing to gather the soles back to us. We also added the message and URL for returing to the sole itself!!!